One word Substitution Online Model Paper 2

One word Substitution Online Model Paper (One Word Substitution Online Prectice Set,One Word Substitution objective Quetion Mock Test ) :-   इस पोस्ट के माध्यम से आज हम English Grammar के एक बहुत अच्छे टॉपिक One Word Substitution Model Paper,One Word Substitution objective Quetion के बारे में विस्तार से पढ़ेंगे। आप अच्छे से इन Words के बारे में अध्ययन करें। ताकि आगे आने वाले विभिन प्रतियोगी परीक्षाओ जैसे Rajasthan High Court Group D, RPSC 1st Garde , 2nd Garde , Rajasthan Lab Assistant , Rsmssb Stenographer , Rsmssb Pharmacist , junior instructor , NTT , Mila Supervisor , Agriculture Supervisor, LSA , sucha Syavk , IA , RAS , PTI Bank Exam, SSC, Railway आदि में आप अच्छे नम्बर प्राप्त कर सको। तो आइये देखते है के बारे में एक महत्वपूर्ण जानकारी।

One word Substitution Online Model Paper

[rapid_quiz question=”A person who renounces the world and practices self-discipline in order to attain salvation:” answer=”Ascetic” options=”Antiquarian|Devotee|Ascetic|Sceptic” notes=”Ascetic”]

[rapid_quiz question=”One who abandons his religious faith:” answer=”Apostate” options=”Agnostic|Profane|Prostate|Apostate” notes=”Apostate “]

[rapid_quiz question=”A hater of knowledge and learning:” answer=”Misologist” options=”Philologist|Misologist|Misogynist|Bibliophile” notes=”Misologist”]

[rapid_quiz question=”Commencement of words with the same letter:” answer=”Alliteration” options=”Alliteration|Oxymoron|Transferred epithet|Pun” notes=”Alliteration “]

[rapid_quiz question=”Person who does not believe in the existence of God:” answer=”Atheist” options=”Fanatic|Atheist|Heretic|Theist” notes=”Atheist “]

[rapid_quiz question=”A lady’s umbrella is:” answer=”Parasol” options=”Aviary|Epitaph|Granary|Parasol” notes=”Parasol “]

[rapid_quiz question=”Story of old time gods or heroes is:” answer=”Legend” options=”Lyric|Romance|Legend|Epic” notes=”Legend “]

[rapid_quiz question=”A sad song:” answer=”Dirge” options=”Lay|Dirge|Knell|Ditty” notes=”Dirge “]

[rapid_quiz question=”One who believes in the power of fate:” answer=”Fatalist” options=”Parsimonious|Pessimist|Optimist|Fatalist” notes=”Fatalist “]

[rapid_quiz question=”A person who loves everybody:” answer=”Altruistic” options=”Aristocrat|Altruistic|Fratricide|Cosmopolitan” notes=”Altruistic “]

[rapid_quiz question=”One who cannot easily pleased:” answer=”Fastidious” options=”Feminist|Fastidious|Frightening|Cosmopolitan” notes=”Fastidious “]

[rapid_quiz question=”The murder of Brother:” answer=”Fratricide” options=”Suicide|Fratricide|Homicide|Regicide” notes=”Fratricide “]

[rapid_quiz question=”A person who is indifferent to pains and pleasure of life:” answer=”Stoic” options=”Aristocrat|Psychiatrist|Sadist|Stoic” notes=”Stoic “]

[rapid_quiz question=”An act of speaking one’s thoughts aloud when by oneself or regardless of any hearers, especially by a character in a play:” answer=”Soliloquy” options=”Philanthropist|Pessimist|Soliloquy|Sinecure” notes=”Soliloquy “]

[rapid_quiz question=”A disease which spreads by contact:” answer=”Contagious” options=”Fatal|Contagious|Infectious|Incurable” notes=”Contagious “]

[rapid_quiz question=”A man who rarely speaks the truth:” answer=”Liar” options=”Hypocrite|Scoundrel|Liar|Crook” notes=”Liar “]

[rapid_quiz question=”A remedy for all diseases: ” answer=”Panacea” options=”Lyric|Panacea|Antiseptic|Narcotics” notes=”Panacea “]

[rapid_quiz question=”International destruction of racial groups:” answer=”Genocide” options=”Homicide|Genocide|Regicide|Matricide” notes=”Genocide “]

[rapid_quiz question=”Custom of having many wives:” answer=”Polygamy” options=”Monogamy|Polygamy|Bigamy|Misogamy” notes=”Polygamy”]

[rapid_quiz question=”A pioneer of a reform movement:” answer=”Apostle” options=”Renegade|Apotheosis|Apothecary|Apostle” notes=”Apostle “]

[rapid_quiz question=”A person who pretends to have more knowledge or skill than he really has:” answer=”Charlatan” options=”Apotheosis|Charlatan|Renegade|Crook” notes=”Charlatan”]

[rapid_quiz question=”A person who forsakes religion:” answer=”Renegade” options=”Apostle|Charlatan|Renegade|Apotheosis” notes=”Renegade “]

[rapid_quiz question=”One who studies insect life: ” answer=”Entomologist” options=”Botanist|Entomologist|Geologist|Zoologist” notes=”Entomologist “]

[rapid_quiz question=”A doctor who treats skin diseases: ” answer=”Paediatrician” options=”Cardiologist|Paediatrician|Dermatologist|Ophthalmologist” notes=”Paediatrician “]

[rapid_quiz question=”A lady who remains unmarried: ” answer=”Spinster” options=”Misanthrope|Bachelor|Artist|Spinster” notes=”Spinster “]

[rapid_quiz question=”One who is honourably discharged from service ” answer=”Emeritus” options=”Retired|Sinecure|Honorary|Emeritus” notes=”Emeritus “]

[rapid_quiz question=”A heavy unnatural slumber” answer=”Stupor” options=”Nap|Stupor|Coma|Insomnia” notes=”Stupor”]

[rapid_quiz question=”To do away with a rule” answer=”Abrogate” options=”Repeal|Abrogate|Obliterate|Cancel” notes=”Abrogate”]

[rapid_quiz question=”Food which agrees with one’s taste” answer=”Palatable” options=”Edible|Sensuous|Palatable|Pungent” notes=”Palatable “]

[rapid_quiz question=”One who loves books” answer=”Bibliophile” options=”Bibliophagist|Bibliophile|Bibliographer|Bibliophobe” notes=”Bibliophile “]

[rapid_quiz question=”Plain or self-evident truth ” answer=”Truism” options=”Proverb|Formula|Truism|Precept” notes=”Truism “]

[rapid_quiz question=”Printed notice of somebody’s death ” answer=”Obituary” options=”Ouija|Obituary|Calumny|Condolence” notes=”Obituary “]

[rapid_quiz question=”A person who has just started learning ” answer=”Apprentice” options=”Apprentice|Novice|Accomplice|Foreman” notes=”Apprentice”]

[rapid_quiz question=”A fault that may be forgiven ” answer=”Venial” options=”Venial|Inexcusable|Unforgivable|Mercenary” notes=”Venial “]

[rapid_quiz question=”Person who gives himself unto luxury and sexual pleasures ” answer=”Voluptuary” options=”Epicure|Debauch|Voluptuary|Masochist” notes=”Voluptuary “]

[rapid_quiz question=”A woman of lax moral ” answer=”Harlot” options=”Hostess|Concubine|Harlot|Prostitute” notes=”Harlot “]

[rapid_quiz question=”Indifference to pleasure or pain ” answer=”Stoicism” options=”Reticence|Patience|Stoicism|Docility” notes=”Stoicism “]

[rapid_quiz question=”Person who gives written testimony for use in law court ” answer=”Deponent” options=”Litigant|Witness|Appellant|Deponent” notes=”Deponent “]

[rapid_quiz question=”A person who makes and sells ladies hats, etc ” answer=”Milliner” options=”Tinker|Farrier|Milliner|Draper” notes=”Milliner “]

[rapid_quiz question=”A thing liable to be easily broken ” answer=”Brittle” options=”Breakable|Delicate|Brittle|Ductile” notes=”Brittle “]

[rapid_quiz question=”One who specialises in the study of birds ” answer=”Ornithologist” options=”Zoologist|Ornithologist|Naturalist|Biologist” notes=”Ornithologist”]

[rapid_quiz question=”Person who makes love for amusement without serious intentions” answer=”Philanderer” options=”Philanderer|Flirt|Dandy|Concubine” notes=”Philanderer “]

[rapid_quiz question=”Allowance due to a wife from her husband on separation ” answer=”Alimony” options=”Dole|Compensation|Alimony|Bail” notes=”Alimony “]

[rapid_quiz question=”The doctrine that human souls pass from one body to another at the time of death ” answer=”Transmigration” options=”Transition|Extrapolation|Transmigration|Metamorphosis” notes=”Transmigration “]

[rapid_quiz question=”To come as a settler into another country ” answer=”Immigrate” options=”Immigrate|Migrate|Emigrate|Alienate” notes=”Immigrate”]

[rapid_quiz question=”A person who is very fond of sensuous enjoyments ” answer=”Epicure” options=”Hedonist|Lusty|Stoic|Epicure” notes=”Epicure “]

[rapid_quiz question=”One who sacrifices his life for a cause ” answer=”Martyr” options=”Revolutionary|Patriot|Martyr|Soldier” notes=”Martyr “]

[rapid_quiz question=”A style in which a writer makes a display of his knowledge ” answer=”Pedantic” options=”Pompous|Ornate|Verbose|Pedantic” notes=”Pedantic”]

[rapid_quiz question=”Science of bodily structure ” answer=”Anatomy” options=”Hygiene|Anatomy|Neurology|Anthropology” notes=”Anatomy”]

[rapid_quiz question=”A written declaration made on oath in the presence of a magistrate” answer=”Affidavit” options=”Document|Affidavit|Dossier|Voucher” notes=”Affidavit “]

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